Long Sleeve High Socks for Hope Tee


Just in time for winter.  We will have a very limited number of long sleeve High Socks for Hope D-Rob tee's.  David is the new Closer for the CHicago White Sox and we wish him the best of luck!  


Shirt is in Navy Blue with white D-ROB and the #30 printed on back.

 The High Socks for Hope foundation help those affected by tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters and now our Veterans.

 Please visit www.HighSocksforHope.com to see how you can help.

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Take a moment to read about High Socks for Hope helping get some families back home in time for Christmas: http://www.bxpapparel.com/blogs/news/11077457-high-socks-for-hope-staten-island-families-get-homes-furnished-before-christmas

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