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The Captain Derek Jeter honored on one last Topps Card February 03 2015

Starting tomorrow, February 4th, Topps Baseball Cards will be honoring the Captain Derek Jeter in one last series of trading cards.

The card will feature one of the most memorable regular season moments in Yankee history as Jeter knocked in the winning run for his last Home Game at Yankee Stadium.

Below is the card.  The only question is how many will you be buying?!

Derek Jeter Topps Cardphoto credit: Topps

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Where will Max Scherzer land? January 03 2015

AMax Scherzer Free Agents I type this it is January 3rd in 2015 and the 30 Year old coveted right-hander still is a Free Agent.  Max Scherzer and his agent Scott Boras lasted the Winter Baseball Meetings and left without a deal.  All we heard was the typical Boras comparisons of Max Scherzer to random objects and situations.  The best one was Max Scherzer being compared to Peyton Manning, because a Quarterback and a Starting Pitcher have so many similarities Scott.

Boras has made teams aware that the addition of Scherzer would boost any team to an instant World Series contender.   Another obvious statement as well.

If the Yankees made the move to add Scherzer they would have a better shot of making the playoffs, a fete that hasn't been done in 2 years which to most Yankee fans is unacceptable.

It has been stated that Boras will NOT give the Tigers a chance for a last minute hometown match for any deal Max will receive.  It doesn't help that there haven't been any reported offers for Scherzer with the exception of the $144 Million dollar extension he turned down in Spring Training last year.

I have a feeling with all of the off-season moves so far, that the Chicago White Sox may be a dark horse in the race for Max.  The Yankees have been strong with their stance of being OUT, and as I write this the San Francisco Giants have said they are OUT.

Will he go back to Detroit? Do the Dodgers have some extra money up their sleeve? Or will Boston shock us all and swoop in to continue to bolster their rotation.

With Pitchers and Catchers reporting in about 46 days to most camps, we should see a signing within the next 30 days or so.

Where do you think he will land? Comment below and feel free to share.

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Will Yankee fans get a Holiday surprise this year? November 21 2014

After another disappointing season, Yankee fans are hoping for a re-load and fire approach by Cashman and Yankee brass heading into the Hot Stove season.  


The Yankees particularly get aggressive after dismal seasons, and with no retiring legend on the roster to fill the seats all year they need to make a run deep into the playoffs to end this 2 year drought.  Yes that sounds desperate but to the Yankee standards 2 years with no playoffs is unacceptable.  


With the current Free Agent pool being very pitcher heavy it looks like Yankee fans may be in for a holiday treat. But who and when?  As GM's have left Arizona for initial meetings and we get ready for the all so fun Winter Meetings next month anything can happen at anytime.  


There have been a few major signings in the past few weeks such as Russel Martin getting 5 years for $85 Mil (wow), Billy Butler (3 years, $30 Mil), and as I write this it looks like Adam LaRoche just signed a contract with the White Sox for 2 years $25 Mil.  After these signings and a few surprise trades (Heyward to the Cardinals) the Yankee fan would take ANYTHING.  Even if its re-signing a player from the 2014 roster.


                                                                   The Ghosts of Christmas Past


Last year we were treated to a Yankees spending spree similar to that of 2008 when the Yanks missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.  Cashman was very quick to get to some major signings last year around the holidays.  A week before Thanksgiving Brian McCann signed a 5 year deal, and a week after the Yanks surprised all of baseball with signing Jacoby Ellsbury to a massive 7 year $153 Million dollar deal out of nowhere.  


And who remembers that aforementioned 2008 off-season? Dec 18 of that year it was announced that CC would be in pinstripes.  Shortly after on Christmas Eve we were all reading the papers with a Merry Teix-Mas headline, as Mark Teixeira came aboard as well.


There was also then reigning-MVP Jason Giambi signing with the Yanks in 2001. And the year after that we were welcoming GODZILLA, Hideki Matsui to the Yanks, a future World Series MVP.


With the Winter Meetings coming up in San Diego December 7-11th, who are you hoping the Yankees sign as a free agent or acquire via trade?  There are a ton of names out there but sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are a complete surprise.  Comment below to share your favorite end of the year Hot Stove move by the Yanks.




Why Doesn't Anyone Want to be a Yankee?! October 04 2014

As with myself, Yankee fans have closed the books on the 2014 season.  For the 2nd year in a row the Yanks have missed the post-season and depending on your love for baseball, you are either done with the sport or are tuned into the playoffs.  Personally I don't enjoy watching National League games although I have been told 1000 times that its "real baseball" and "strategy based" still its not for me.  The American League teams are all teams that have had the Yanks number in the past, Baltimore, The Royals, Angels, and Tigers.  I will be a stereotypical Yankee fan and root for Mattingly's Dodgers.  But for the second year in a row Yankee fans were distracted with how bad this team was by the parting ceremonies of a Yankee legend.  YES, Derek Jeter's last home game and last home at-bat was one of the greatest moments in regular season Yankee history, and for that entire last week no one cared that the Yankees were out of it, again.  


Fast forward to the last game at Boston.  Another great ceremony and another distraction to the big picture. Although everyone was locked in to hear Jeter's final press conference, in which he did open up a little bit more about the whole farewell tour experience, the interesting interviews were with the Yankees impending free agents. We saw both ends of the spectrum where players spoke about the free agency openly and some that just left it up to the suits.  What stuck out in my mind was none of the free agents flat out said "I WANT TO BE A YANKEE".  Now I'm not sure if players mask their desire because it can be used in negotiations against them, but there isn't any passion to play for this team anymore.  A player looking in from the outside can easily say the Yankees just aren't a "playoff team" and no one can deny that anymore after missing the post season twice now. 


Just as the allure of the Mariano Farewell Tour wasn't mystifying enough to keep home grown Robinson Cano, I don't think any player will be moved to spend the remainder of their career in Pinstripes after seeing the Jeter tour.  Everyone remembers Cano saying he didn't get any respect from the Yanks after their 7 Year $175 Million Dollar offer.  Well all blasted Cano and wished him luck into "baseball no where" and claimed he would never see the post season or his Yankee-Lineup-induced stats.  Truth is Cano was 1 win away from the Wild-Card game, alot closer than the Yanks were.  And as for the line-up where both you and I can't name anyone except the trainwreck Jesus Montero, well Cano finished batting .314 with 14 Homers and 82 RBI, that is more RBI's than ANYONE on the Yankees this season.


Before Cano there was the Joe Torre.  Joe was "insulted" with the Yankees offer for $5 Million dollars annually to manage the team.  I would manage that team for $5 an hour.  At the time it was still higher than any manager was getting paid, and he was managing the Yankees All-Star lineup which you could put in PEN and ride out for the season.  He wasn't "Strategizing" in the National League and even though he killed his bullpen he wasn't making life or death decisions.  But the fact is he could have taken less money and gone in to win another World Series or two in Pinstripes and add to his legacy.  But he chose not to.  Just like these free agents wont be choosing to stay.  Kuroda will most likely hang-em up.  Ichiro sounded like he was unhappy with his playing situation and I can see him leaving.  When Headley was asked about next year he was clear that he wanted to play a position every day for the entire season.  No platooning, no DH, and no carousel around the infield.  Brandon McCarthy was a great pick up mid-season and seemed to fit in well especially with the NL to AL change.  David Robertson did more than what we could have asked replacing Mo.  He can continue to be the "heir-apparent" as Mariano called him if he wants.  If he wants security in years I am not sure the Yanks will offer it and he may sign elsewhere.  Hopefully not with the Red Sox.  We have seen players who "love New York" and the Yankees and Pinstripes, and winning and turn down the qualifying offer to go elsewhere.  Who remembers Nick Swisher?  Swish who was the clubhouse life-force and the most energetic and Mr. Happy to be a Yankee, turned down $13.5 Million dollars for 1 Year.  I can easily say the average Yankee fan in their life will make $1.5 Million dollars ever.  But yet we have to hear these players turn down this money, and be insulted by it, and move on from it.  Staying for "less" money to be a part of a legacy doesn't enter their mind at all.  They want to take the most money in a small market team and carry no legacy with them.  I am all for a person trying to earn as much money as possible but when we are talking about tens of millions of dollars what are they really saying?  Cano took $225 Million from the Mariners instead of the Yanks $175.  I am not going to map out Cano's lifetime of spending but what difference is the money when you are making that much.


Newsflash to these players, free agents, and former players: Your average fan gets by in life by making less than 75k a year and when they have a few bucks to spend on entertainment it is spent watching people like you.  Insulting right.  The players like Mariano and Jeter are gone forever.  You will never hear a player say they do it for the fans anymore.  Jeter claimed that the Fans were the best part of his business and how and why he went to work everyday.  The best part to the newer generation is that they are getting obscene money in a small town working 3 hours a day no matter if they win or lose.  They don't care about the Yankees winning 3 in a row in the late 90's, or the Perfect games or No Hitters.  Only 5 Yankees are currently under contract from the 2009 Championship team.  (CC,Teix,Gardner,Cervelli, & A-Rod) So they all haven't hung aorund to try to do it again, or even come close.  They don't care that fans lineup for hours to meet them just for a 20 second "hello your the best can you sign this".  It is all about the money.  And we all care except for them.  Did any players apologize for this season and last for their performance? Nope.  Just the owner Hal Steinbrenner took to the airwaves to apologize on their behalf.  So yeah this December we will all watch the Hot Stove Reports hoping that Cashman tries to grab the best guys possible at every position but it doesn't go down like that anymore.  We will see head scratching offers, players turn down hometown discounts, and small market teams grab players away from the Pinstripes with no explanation.  We can always hope to go back to the promised land next season.  It used to be that a season without a championship was unacceptable.  Maybe we should go back to those standards.


Let's Go Yanks!

Looking for firewood for the Hot Stove: What to do with the Yankee Free Agents October 01 2014

Another disappointing season for the Yanks and 2 straight years where the celebration of a retiring legend has help divert the attention away from how bad the season really was.

Sorry to tell you but the Yankees are out of CORE members or Future First-Ballot Hall of Famers to distract the fans from paying attention to their actual record.  Just like last season most fans tuned in or made their way to the stadium just to catch a glimpse of Jeter.  Games that Jeter didn't play or DH'ed were upsetting to fans even if the Yanks won in blowout or Walk-Off fashion. And for the second year in a row we are talking about next year before the Wild Card round of the playoffs isn't even over.

As bad as this team was this year they still have some decent Free Agents leaving the roster that are worthy of re-signing.  Don't think the Yankees are going to have plenty to spend again with Jeter coming off the books.  Welcome back A-Rod alone and that's enough to offset any savings.  Martin Prado is also locked up for 2 more years so that's $11 Million right there.

Here are 8 of the Yankees Free Agents and what they should do (no crazy unimportant stats because I don't feel like looking them up and no one really knows them off the top of their head anyway):

Hiroki Kuroda: I don't see the Yanks signing him for another 1 year deal.  It has felt like he has been a rental without long term commitment and never seems to have gotten any run support.  He is always better than his record shows give or take a few terrible outings.  I see him signing a 2 year deal elsewhere, mainly in the National League.


Chase Headley: Chase Headley is another guy, that, when flat out asked about next year, didn't give a definitive answer.  We are at the point in time where no one (aside from Jeter & A-Rod) would ever say "I WANT TO BE A YANKEE".  I can and will spend an entire blog-post about this discovery because it stood out so much after the last games interviews.  With that being said, Headley has made it clear he wants to play a position everyday.  Alex will return to 3rd Base, Prado has 2nd, and an iffy Teix has 1st.  Headley doesn't have experience at short and won't want to wait around for an injury opportunity to play a position.  YES  I would love for the Yanks to sign him but he can get a decent contract elsewhere.


Stephen Drew: Has been okay defensively at short.  I am not sure why there has been all this assuring talk that he would be Jeter's successor.  When your batting average is less than your weight you shouldn't be negotiating with anyone.  Drew should take any amount of money from wherever its offered, and I think the Yanks will throw some his way.  He would be a good fit for the Mets as well.


Ichiro: Another position player who clearly does not want to be on this team.  Last season the Yankees went in with 6 outfielders (Wells, Soriano, Ellsbury, Gardner, Beltran, and Ichiro) and now it is both a need and a question mark.  You can PEN in Jacoby and Gardner everyday but what about Beltran? Can he play 85% of his games in the outfield or will he be clogging up the DH spot for most of the season.  Ichiro either gets a 1 yr deal from the Yanks for the sole purpose of marketing reasons (his REAL 3000th hit) or he will have a homecoming in Seattle and do it there.


Brandon McCarthy: YES Re-sign him.  4/5 of the Yanks starting rotation went down this year.  Not only can it happen again but are the returning pitchers a sure thing?  How will CC rebound? Will Tanaka even pitch?  How will Nova perform after Tommy John?  You can never have enough starting pitching and McCarthy proved he can pitch here.  Give him a full season in the rotation and see how it turns out.


Chris Young: Chris won't get another contract like last year.  It was a bad Mets decision that turned out to be a good pick-up for the Yanks.  He seemed like he was part of the team and really enjoyed the fans and also had some great performances as a Yankee.  Can he do that for a full season? I'm not sure.  But if they can get him for less than $5 Mill it wouldn't hurt to find out.


Chris Capuano: Another guy who filled in for an ailing rotation.  I think McCarthy and Greene have a slight edge to make the rotation if there is room leaving Chris the odd man out.  


David Robertson: YES David had the biggest shoes to fill out of any Yankee this season or ever.  SS next year wont be under a microscope has much as replacing Mariano Rivera is.  He did fine and was more than any Yankee fan could have hoped for.  If the Yank offense next year is as bad as it was I would rather keep him.  Betances/Robertson make it a 7 inning game, or even shorter when Betances comes in the middle of the 7th.  The strongest 1-2 punch in the bullpen is so much more important than a question mark in the 8th and only Betances to close.  Whatever Robertson decides to do bottom line is he will get PAID.  If the Yanks give a qualifying offer he is looking at $15 mil.  If they offer him a 3 year deal it can be upwards of $30+ mil.  Teams around the league will offer the same as far as years and there are plenty of them who need a great closer.  I have seen players turn down qualifying offers from the Yanks and I will never understand it, but if it is years David wants then he can certainly get there wherever he signs.  Nightmare scenario is that he is with Boston or the Mets next season.


That is all for now.  Plenty more when the real hot stove season starts.  If you are watching the playoffs enjoy.  Hopefully we can tune in next year and watch the Yanks.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts or join in on the conversation on twitter/facebook.  And don't forget to sign-up for the email list where we give away a free tee every month!

Some new David Robertson signed items for auction September 07 2014


High Socks for Hope has put a few items up for auction on E-Bay all signed by David Robertson.


First is a rare High Socks for Hope Hate signed by David here is the link:

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AMAZING Yankees Auction Package at Steiner Sports benefiting High Socks For Hope!! August 21 2014

If you have a moment please visit this link and check out this amazing package being offered at Steiner Sports.

This auction includes 

  • 2 Legends Suite Tickets (Legends Suite 20, Row 1, Seats 1 & 2) for the Yankees vs. Boston on Sept 4 which is Derek Jeter's LAST GAME against the Red Sox at Home!
  • 2 Field Passes for Batting Practice
  • 3 Signed Baseballs (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, & David Robertson)

The entire amount of the winning bid will go to High Socks for Hope.  The tickets were donated by David and Erin Robertson themselves.  If you know ANYONE or Any Business who may be interested in bidding please share this link.

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Vote for David Robertson for the 2014 Branch Rickey Awards!! July 27 2014

Yankees Closer David Robertson needs your help! David has been selected as one of 29 MLB players in the running to win the 2014 Branch Rickey Award.  The award recognizes the charitable lifestyle and commitment for exceptional community service.  We all know how important D-Rob is to the Yankees on the field, but it is his extensive efforts re-building lives off the field with High Socks for Hope that matters most.  


You can vote once DAILY by submitting your e-mail to the Facebook Voting Page here.


David has some tough competition but all of the contestants are winners for their own personal charities.  One lucky voter will get a chance to fly to Colorado to meet the winner when the ceremony takes place in November.


Please share this blog post on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.


Again the link is below:


Visit for more information about the award

Visit for more about David's charity.


High Socks for Hope: Staten Island Families Get Homes Furnished Before Christmas December 23 2013

This weekend I had to opportunity, along with High Socks for Hope, Bain Capital, and the Tunnel 2 Towers foundation, to help furnish homes of families affected by Hurricane Sandy last year. Yes, it has been over a year and many people are still not back to normal.  Please do not forget about them.  Staten Island in particular was damaged as a lot of houses fell victim to the surging waters near the coastlines.  I had the chance to speak with some of the families and hear their stories of how quickly the water rose from their basements all the way up to the 2nd floor of their homes.  By looking at the signs on people's properties this town stayed strong.

It was perfect timing as we were able to get 12 families moved back into their homes for Christmas. This brings High Socks' total number of aided families in the hundreds.  High Socks for Hope is a 3 person team consisting of David & Erin Robertson and Judy Holland.  If you think it is easy to arrange what seems to be a simple day like this, it clearly is not.  Judy lives in Alabama (David's home state) and flies back and forth to New York to co-ordinate the charitable efforts for events like this.  She is hands on and does not settle for doing things over the phone 1,000 miles away.  From the outside looking in and by the amount of great deeds High Socks carry out you would think this is a 50+ man organization with dozens of years of experience.  

David, Erin & Judy deserve far more thanks than they have been given.

David and Erin Robertson

We were graced with perfect weather as well, since this was an all day event, the volunteers from College Hunks Hauling had been moving in furniture from 7am until around 6pm.  David Robertson was able to take time out of his very busy schedule to help move these families in, wish them well, and welcome them into their new homes.  It isn't every day that families of Staten Island get a visit from a New York Yankee and they were more than happy to meet him.  

High Socks for Hope with College Hunks Hauling Junk from Shark Tank

David had traveled for over 5 hours, alongside his wife Erin, to get to the event.  If there is one word to describe the Robertson's it would be: genuine.  They did not arrive in a company car, did not have an agent or chauffeur.  They sat in traffic like the rest of us and showed up on time.  After being around them during multiple events I can honestly say that the Robertson's truly enjoy taking their time and giving back to the community.  They go above and beyond for these families and really interact with them on a level I have never seen from an athlete or his family.  I have made it a point to NOT talk baseball whenever I get a chance to meet with David.  (I mean, who wants to talk about their job when it's the weekend?)  Describing David as "down to earth" would be an understatement as he was engaging in conversations with the families about home improvement, football, and even wrestling.  I have been to events where an athlete would show up, say hello to a few dignitaries and then immediately check their watch.  For David this is not the case, as he spent the entire Saturday before Christmas away from his child and family, to be in Staten Island with people in need.  All of the families happened to be Yankee fans as well so a visit from David was the icing on the cake.  I simply cannot put into words the emotion these families were going through both as they met David, and realized that the nightmare of being misplaced from your home for over a year had ended.  As I watched tears of joy run down the faces of both men and women of Staten Island you can tell that this was well deserved and long overdue.  

We had the chance to speak with Gus at his home for an extended period of time.  With his basement and first floor completely flooded, Gus found himself helping others on the block.  A small boat has washed up near his house and he was able to use it to help save neighbors and animals.  It was a true act of heroism in a time where everyone was in need.

Bain Capital had funded the project and members of the company also donated their time.  Tunnel2Towers had spent the past few months rebuilding these home that have been terribly damaged from the storm.  The actual hauling of furniture was possible by "College Hunks Hauling" (yes, the same guys from ABC's Shark Tank). These lovely pictures are courtesy of Bill Menzel who really captured some amazing moments.

Sandy Victims aided by High Socks for Hope

To everyone we met this weekend and help made this possible I would like to personally thank you all.

This may have been the last event of the year but it will certainly not be the last for High Socks.

If you have a moment please visit all of the company websites and feel free to comment or ask any questions.



Check Out the Gamers Baseball Academy OPEN HOUSE in Kenilworth, NJ this weekend! November 20 2013

This is for our friends and family in New Jersey.  Gamers Academy will be holding an open house Saturday November 23rd where they will showcase new membership programs. The membership programs are for players looking to get a lot of training from professional coaches at affordable prices for parents. Gamers takes pride in the ACADEMY in their name and look forward to training all the players that take advantage of the program.

Classes will be going on between 1pm and 4pm with a brief presentation at 2pm of the membership programs as well as more than $700 in giveaway prizes. Visit for membership information. Come down and see what Gamers is all about.


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It's November....Fire up the Hot Stove November 09 2013

Another season has come and gone in 2013.  Unfortunately the Yanks didn't make it to the playoffs but next year looks bright.  This will definitely be a busy off season for the Bombers.  With both Andy and Hughes most likely gone from the rotation the Yanks have some MAJOR holes to fill.  


The first question is what while happen with the A-Rod saga?  The team needs to know if they will have him at 3rd at all in 2014 or if he will never take the field again.

Re-Signing Robinson Cano is obviously the most prized free agent and should be the Yanks #1 priority.  There is no way he gets the 10 years $300 mil that was reportedly asked by him.  This will be Jay-Z's first major signing for his firm and would not want to mess it up for future clients.


Plenty of more spots to report on and we will go deeper once the Winter Meetings start.


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Check out: Bleeding Yankee Blue August 01 2012

Hey guys wanted you all to check out a great fan blog Bleeding Yankee Blue.  They can be found at

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Lady At The Bat July 31 2012

 Hey guys check out this weeks podcast from @LadyBatting : 

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High Socks for Hope June 29 2012

As many of you may already know we here at BXP Apparel have teamed up with the David and Erin Robertson foundation High Socks for Hope.  With the help of the Robertson family we have released an exclusive shirt that will sure to catch any fans eye.  All of the profits from the sales will go directly to aid recent tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  

I am amazed at all of the support the fans have given the charity as well as the shirt.  The Robertson's do a tremendous job to help rebuild their community.

We are honored to work with such a classy family as well as help a great cause.

If you would like to donate to the cause please visit:

"Like" High Socks on Facebook as well:

The shirt is available for purchase on our site by clicking here:

As always feel free to tweet or send us your pictures of you wearing your new High Socks tee.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

The Hitman April 23 2012


My brother has this huge autographed picture hanging on his wall.  Donnie Baseball truly was the Yankees for so many kids in the 80s and early 90s.  No matter how awful the pitching was, no matter how many questionable or knee-jerk moves ownership made, we could always rely on seeing number 23 hustling every single game.  If it wasn't for his back injury, he would have been a no doubt first ballot hall of famer.  His performance, both with the bat and glove, from 84-88 was the best in baseball.  And when the Yanks finally made the playoffs in '95, Donnie seemed to turn back the clock and performed on the biggest stage as if he had been waiting for the chance his whole life.  He hit .417 in that series.  I can still hear Gary Thorne's call in Game 2 as Donnie stepped up to the plate......"The fans want a dinger outta him........This one by Mattingly, ooohhhhhh hang onto the roof.......GOODBYEEE HOMERUN!!  DON MATTINGLY!!!"  I can watch that highlight over and over, and it still gives me chills. The crowd went so crazy that Lou Piniella had to pull his team off the field.  That was the first playoff experience of our lives.  Getting a taste after so many years of nothing made us fans so ravenously hungry for rings.  It's the kind of thing that links generations of Yankee fans.  It makes you expect a winning team every year.  It's a higher standard.  It's the Yankee way. 

Was Donnie a big part of your childhood?  What players did you look up to as a kid?

October 26th, 1996 April 23 2012


Saturday October 26, first taste of glory as a fan. An unforgettable night. After Charlie Hayes squeezed that popup off third, our celebration poured into the backyard where we doused my dad with champagne.  This was very special for anyone born in the mid 70s- early 80s.  The FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP!  WOW!  What a thrilling October that was.  It was such a heart pounding world series that year.  The Braves were so heavily favored.  And after they won the first 2 in the Bronx, things certainly looked bleak.  Then, as we now know, Joe Torre told a fuming George Steinbrenner, "George, relax.  We're gonna go down to Atlanta, sweep them there, and come back home and win the whole thing on Saturday."  I couldn't even sleep that whole week.  I couldn't concentrate in school.  I was so obsessed with the Yanks winning games 3, 4 and 5 on the road.  It's amazing the things you remember with perfect clarity.  My dad used to leave for work around 5:45am.  The morning after the Yanks won game 5 in Atlanta (the last game ever in that ballpark), I remember looking out my upstairs window and seeing my dad walking to his car wearing his "game worn" Reggie Jackson jersey.  It somehow fell into his hands in the late 70s.  I just knew at that moment, that nothing would keep the Yanks from winning Game 6 the following night. 

Where were you that night?  Were you lucky enough to be there? Tell us about your memories.  

The '98 Trophy April 23 2012


Dad and I admiring the 1998 trophy. We were all very lucky to experience a season like that. We as Yankee fans always get accused, especially by fans of that other team in town, of being spoiled.  They forget about the awful late 60s-early 70's, the ring-less 80's, and dreadful seasons in the very early 90s.  However, I think we can all admit that we certainly got pretty spoiled in 1998.  I went to alot of games that year, and I did not see them lose once in person.  It honestly felt like they won every day that year.  You just KNEW they were going to win on any given day or night.  It was amazing.  It is quite possible we will never see a season like that again if we live 100 years.  It's a great privilege to be raised a Yankee fan from birth.  If that describes you, take some time to thank your dad (or mom), or whomever put you on the path to baseball righteousness. 

Who first directed you upon the Pinstripe Path?     

Our Pastimes Part 1 April 23 2012


Thanks to my big brother, I was at the Stadium to see the Yanks win the AL Pennant in 2001. This was the first official night the Stadium crowd all shouted "Hip Hip Jorge" in unison. After Seattle manager Lou Piniella guaranteed there would be a Game 6 a few nights earlier, we all chanted "NO GAME 6!" at the top of our lungs every time he walked off the mound. Only weeks earlier, America and especially NY experienced the worst day of our lives.  Everything seemed so unimportant after that heinous act.  You almost felt guilty for thinking of a baseball game at a time like that.  But we needed a diversion.  It was the only thing that kept some of us from going completely crazy.  The games had to go on.  Life had to go on.  We all had to show that no matter how evil a group of people can be, nothing could ever kill our spirit, our will to carry on our traditions of freedom.  Fully investing ourselves emotionally into that postseason turned out to be the ultimate form of therapy for some of us. It was more than a game that year.  The Yanks were a symbol of NY, and the rest of the country took notice.  I remember people that I knew who hated the Yankees were passionately cheering them on in that Fall Classic.  For some of us, those games, especially Games 4 & 5, were absolutely magical.  We could not believe what we were seeing on back to back nights.  As crushing and painful as Game 7 was, that postseason will always be etched in our hearts.

Feel free to tell us about your experiences that year.  We know it was a very special postseason for so many fans.  We would love to hear your stories.